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Setup Instructions. Once SmartyUninstaller4.exe has finished downloading, start the setup by double-clicking it. Often, the Windows® user account control (UAC) will ask if you want to make changes to your computer. Click Yes to confirm otherwise, you will not be able to install Smarty Uninstaller. When setup starts, follow the instructions on your screen.
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  • |7, 8, 10, 11 (32-bit or 64-bit)
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Version History

Newest v4.10.0

New Windows 11 compatibility

New Smoother uninstall experience (less or no confirmation dialogs) for applications with silent uninstall support

Enhanced Improved scan engine ensures faster cleanup and enchanced safety

Enhanced Enhanced application install location discovery

Fixed Fixed bug when Change button is not visible for certain applications

Fixed Fixed minor UI bugs

v4.9.6 Download
Fixed Fixed issue when wrong applications were displayed in the uninstall confirmation dialog

Fixed Fixed license file icon not displaying properly in Windows Explorer

New New confirmation dialog box for Uninstall command

Enhanced Enhanced scan engine ensures fast cleanup of all leftovers

Fixed Fixed bug when, in certain cases, application install directory location was ignored and not cleaned up

Fixed Fixed Issue when "Uninstall with Smarty Uninstaller" context menu command did not work correctly in certain cases

Fixed Fixed List and Menu Font not applied to Startup and Uninstall History lists, tabs and other places

v4.9.0 Download
New Added delete confirmation to the Autostart tab (Startup Manager utility)

Enhanced Improved startup time

Enhanced Faster initialization of the installed applications (desktop and Windows Store applications)

Enhanced Enhanced scan engine ensures fast cleanup of all leftovers

Enhanced Improved user interface

Fixed Issue when icons weren't displayed in the Application Analysis window

Fixed Issue which prevented sorting in the registry values list (Application Details window)

Fixed Issue causing some Windows Store applications to disappear from the list of installed applications

Fixed Issue when applications with correct location were shown as "broken"

Fixed Issue when .NET Framework 3.5 download was required on systems with .NET Framework 4 or newer

Fixed Issue causing Windows Explorer to flicker after Open Install Location command

Fixed Other minor fixes and improvements

v4.8.0 Download
New High DPI displays support. Smarty Uninstaller looks sharper than ever!

Enhanced User interface improvements. Uninstall apps faster

Fixed Other important fixes and improvements

v4.7.1 Download
New Shows version change for updated Windows Store apps

Fixed Windows Store apps were added to Uninstall History list when updated

Fixed Other minor fixes and improvements

v4.7.0 Download
New Greatly improved scanning for leftovers

Fixed Duplicate registry entries displayed in the list of detected application leftovers

Fixed Uninstall History list not showing items

Fixed Other minor fixes and UI improvements

v4.6.0 Download
New Automatically detects newly installed applications. Can be turned ON/OFF in Settings

New Ability to turn ON/OFF automatic check for updates on startup in Settings

New Simplified Chinese translation

Fixed Installed applications list sorting issues

Fixed Other important fixes and improvements

v4.5.1 Download
Fixed A bug that caused "NO DISK IN THE DRIVE" error message on startup on some systems

v4.5.0 Download
New Move Application command allows to move the application or game to another drive without reinstalling

New Uninstall History tab shows the list of previously uninstalled applications

Enhanced Start-up time after full refresh is greatly reduced

Enhanced Smart scan engine. Scanning is now two-three times faster and more efficient

Fixed A bug that caused an empty applications list after startup on some systems

Fixed Other bug fixes

v4.4.1 Download
New Slovenian language added

Fixed Smart scan engine. Important improvements

Fixed Minor fixes

New Old and new version numbers are now displayed for Windows Store apps when app is updated

Enhanced Smart Scan engine. Scanning for leftovers is improved

Enhanced Built-in uninstaller monitoring is improved

Enhanced Start-up time is greatly reduced. Especially when System (hidden) Components switch is OFF

Enhanced User interface. Small improvements and tweaks

Fixed The Uninstall command was not enabled for some Windows Installer applications

Fixed Sorting by size did not work correctly in some cases

Fixed View > Icons setting did not save correctly

Fixed Several minor bugs

v4.3.1 Download

Fixed The Uninstall command was not enabled for Windows 8/10 modern apps

New The "New and Updated" tab shows newly installed and updated applications. Old and new version numbers are displayed when application update is detected

Enhanced Important performance improvements

Fixed Applications were incorrectly sorted when grouped by Install Date

Fixed Many other fixes and improvements

v4.2.1 Download

Fixed Issue with expired license which affected Lifetime license owners

Fixed Other minor fixes and improvements

New Now you can uninstall apps installed from the Windows Store. The Windows Store tab shows all of the apps installed from the Windows Store

New French language

Enhanced Performance improvements

Fixed Many minor fixes and improvements

Enhanced Performance improvements

Fixed Setup fixes and improvements

v4.1.1 Download
Enhanced Start-up performance

Fixed Other minor fixes

Enhanced Application analysis process is much faster now (5-10 times faster, depends on application)

Enhanced Significantly reduced loading time of saved snapshots

Enhanced Search is now available in all tabs (except Autostart)

Enhanced Recently installed tab shows applications that were installed in the last 45 days

Enhanced Rarely used tab shows applications that were not used during the last 45 days

Enhanced Change button added. For some applications, you will see a Change button available. You can use it to change an application's configuration by adding or removing certain options

Enhanced Repair button added. This can help to repair corrupted applications. It tells the application to inspect itself and replace damaged files with new ones. You may need to have the application's original DVD or installation package. This command is available only for applications that support it

Fixed Many other important fixes and small improvements

Enhanced Start-up performance

Fixed a crash which occurs on some 64-bit systems during application analysis

Fixed Other minor fixes and improvements

v4.0.134 Download
Enhanced Polish localization

Enhanced UI language detection

Fixed Important fixes and improvements

v4.0.133 Download
Enhanced Improved performance

Fixed Important fixes

New Swedish localization added

New Now remembers selected applications in tabs

Enhanced German localization

Fixed Sometimes the context menu in the analysis results window did not work properly

Fixed Application icon was not removed from the installed applications list after uninstall in certain cases

Fixed Unattended Force Uninstall command did not work properly if multiple applications were selected. Only the first selected application was uninstalled.

- Other minor fixes and improvements

Fixed In some cases Smarty Uninstaller was unable to correctly write a log file after application uninstall. As a result, the cleanup success message was not displayed and user was unable to close cleanup window.

- Other minor fixes and improvements

New Polish localization added

- Minor fixes